In the UK, USA, and other parts of the world, government and international agencies and corporations are working steadily towards removing our right to make choices regarding the means we choose to maintain or regain our health. Specifically, there is a move to legislate against the ready supply of vitamins and herbal remedies we presently enjoy. Democracy is a luxury that is eroded by apathy. If individuals do not exercise their democratic rights, they can slowly be taken away. Here are some of the people and organizations involved in countering the move to restrict individual freedom of choice in matters of health.

Alliance for Natural Health – A pro-active UK non-profit campaign organization dedicated to preserving freedom of choice regarding natural healthcare, including nutritional supplements, through the use of “good science and good law”.

Coalition for Health Freedom – A non-profit, US organization and alliance of some of the foremost health freedom non-profit organizations and international groups working to educate and inspire action on Codex Alimentarius and related issues, and to expand our health choices. Founded in April 2005. The Coalition has the initial aim of coordinating efforts to inform the public about Codex Alimentarius and resist threats to health supplements and to the US DSHEA Act.

Consumers for Health Choice (CHC) – A proactive and successful UK group, lobbying and campaigning on natural health matters, comprising dedicated individuals who actively promote the rights of consumers to have ready access to a wide range of natural health care products, including vitamins and minerals, herbal remedies, and other beneficial and safe supplements. Much of CHC’s work is in challenging adverse EU legislation and pushing the appropriate regulators to use consistency, common sense, and good judgment to favor consumers when framing laws that affect our health. CHC respects the freedom of individual choice in health matters and strives to secure not just the availability of a wide range of safe products but honest and clear labeling so that consumers can make informed decisions about their health.

Dr Rath Health Foundation – “Be Wary of the Instant Experts”. An article explaining the nature of Codex Alimentarius (Food Code), and many of the misconceptions surrounding it.

The Tragic Truth about Politics and Cancer – A summary of Daniel Haley’s book (published, 2000).

Well TV – Producers of TV programs devoted to natural and alternative medicines. Check out Kevin Miller’s documentary, We Become Silent, narrated by Dame Judi Dench, which exposes the threat to our freedom of choice inherent in Codex Alimentarius.

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