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Acquainting Oneself with the Potential Risks of Eye Surgery LASIK

Because of recent developments in medical technology, LASIK has emerged as the surgery of choice for the treatment of a variety of eye conditions, ultimately leading to improved vision in virtually all cases.

However, just like any other surgical surgery, LASIK eye surgery is not without its share of potential complications. Therefore, if you are thinking about getting eye surgery with LASIK in the near future, you should be well aware of the potential complications before going through with the operation. These are some of the potential complications:

In Need of Eyeglasses or Contact Lenses

Contact Lenses

In this most extreme of cases, you would be required to have such a prescription in order to restore the greatest possible state of your eyesight. In spite of how infrequently it occurs, the potential must nevertheless be taken into account. 

Even if both of your eyes require corrective lenses for you to have adequate vision at a distance, you will still need reading glasses when you reach the age of roughly 40 because presbyopia is a natural part of the aging process and will cause you to need them.

Either Insufficient Correction or Excessive Correction

When a patient receives therapy, their eyesight is typically restored, and they are pleased with the results. However, there are some cases in which the desired level of quality is not immediately obtained. 

In these types of situations, more cosmetic surgery known as augmentation is necessary in order to achieve the desired effects. After the initial procedure, the patient’s eyes need to be stabilised in order to determine their correct prescription for eyeglasses, and they also need to recuperate. 

If your corneas are excessively thin or have an aberrant shape following LASIK eye surgery, there is a remote possibility that you will not be eligible for an augmentation procedure.

Continued Dry Eye Symptoms

People who have just had LASIK eye surgery often report experiencing symptoms of dry eye after the procedure. After LASIK surgery, some patients experience a worsening of their dry eye symptoms, such as burning and redness, or even a loss in their vision. 

This can happen in rare situations. An ophthalmologist will write a prescription for specific medicine that must be taken in order to temporarily block off the drainage mechanism for tears and increase the production of tears.

Dry eyes following LASIK eye surgery are so common that they affect almost half of all patients who have the procedure. Patients may continue to experience dry eyes for a few weeks or months after the laser eye treatment, despite the fact that the symptom is typically minor and only transitory. You can read an interesting article on motivational factors to get eye surgery at https://self-helpcancer.org/what-should-be-the-motivating-factors-to-getting-lasik-surgery/

To our good fortune, screening for LASIK eye surgery has resulted in advancements in dry eye detection prior to surgery as well as therapy thereafter. The pre-existing dry eye problem of many people who desire to have their eyesight corrected with laser eye treatment now has the potential to be treated, provided that this issue is handled in cooperation with an eye doctor.

Because the laser penetrates the surface of the eye (the corneal layer), the sensitivity of the corneal nerves can be reduced during the LASIK eye surgery, which can result in dry eyes for some patients after the procedure. Dry eyes following LASIK eye surgery might result in discomfort as well as less than optimal satisfaction with the final visual output.

Because of this, many ophthalmic surgeons now advise patients to take lubricating eye drops in order to keep their eyes at their optimal level of moisture. If dry eyes are a particularly significant issue for some individuals, PRK may be used instead of LASIK surgery in extremely unusual circumstances.

 LASIK surgery

Surgeons may treat you for dry eye prior to performing LASIK surgery rather than rule you out as a candidate for the procedure even if you already have a pre-existing condition for the ailment. It is possible that your surgeon will recommend that you take fish oil or flaxseed oil orally for a few weeks before your vision correction surgery in order to increase the quality of your tear film.

It’s possible that you’ll need to use eye drops that contain lubricant both before and after the treatment. Eye drops that assist with the production of tears in the eye may potentially be recommended for you. Laser eye treatment can be performed here in Personal Eyes at prices that are affordable for most patients. Your vision is important to us here at Personal Eyes.

Abnormalities of the Eyesight

Anisometropia is a difference in refractive power between the two eyes, and aniseikonia is a difference in image size between the two eyes. Other possible side effects of LASIK eye surgery include double vision, hazy or burred vision, fluctuating vision throughout the day and from day to day, increased sensitivity to light, glare, shadows, and seeing halos around lights. 

They may not be as common as they seem to be, but the impact they do have can be extremely catastrophic for some people, and they may never go away.

Suffering from Vision Loss May be a Possibility

Vision Loss

Blurred vision as a result of eye surgery LASIK is sadly untreatable with either contact lenses or spectacles, although this side effect is extremely uncommon. This could be the result of issues associated with the corneal flap, an infection, scarring, or significant alterations in the corneal shape that occurred postoperatively.


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