Robin Daly

Yes to Life is committed to changing the way cancer is treated in the UK. Orthodox methods are based on an outdated model of cancer and the time has long passed for a serious assessment of the progress made by many pioneering doctors who have single-mindedly pursued an unorthodox approach, against the odds. The results from treatment with chemotherapy and radiation alone, in all but a very few types of cancer, are pitiful, especially when set against the multi-billion pound research budget assigned to the task. We cannot afford to allow the direction of cancer treatment to continue to be charted by the interests of profit-making pharmaceuticals - we have to place the highest priority on finding what works best, not on what has the most potential for profit.

Hence, we are very supportive of the work of Self-Help Cancer which offers an excellent service in providing reliable information to patients and carers, and which is also doing much good work in the background, eroding prejudices towards unorthodox therapies within the NHS.

As founder and director of the charity Yes to Life, I have been working extensively with John Davidson and Self-Help Cancer, as our organisations share much common ground and our aims are in the same direction, though often in parallel. Both John and I share personal experience in the field of cancer, John through his own cancer, and I through my daughter's. This has led us to feel compelled to act, as there is such a desperate need in Britain to increase awareness of the huge range of possibilities for cancer treatment outside of orthodox channels, and to encourage cancer sufferers to develop an autonomous and informed relationship to cancer treatment.

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