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'This book will change your life' is printed all over the cover of The Dice Man by Luke Reinhardt. Luke didn't do it for me, but the concept of allowing one's life to be dictated by the throw of a dice did bring clarity to the fact that cancer, in its many forms, can sometimes seem as random as a throw of the dice. From day one of life we now know that one-in-three of us is going to suffer from some form of cancer, and for many of us living in the western world the options for treatment seem to be very limited: where choices do exist they are often offered with chemotherapy or radiotherapy as the main course. In Asia food is eaten to prevent cancer, in the West it is usually the cause!

From our experience, it would appear that many people seem to have lost faith in what the National Health Service is able to offer to cancer sufferers in the UK. As a result, the internet is taking over as the primary source of information on cancer treatment, and the problem that most people face is deciding which treatment is downright cranky and which is going to do some good. In setting up this website with an energy that is worthy of praise, John Davidson has gone a long way to providing sound information in relation to cancer treatment.

Between 1993 and 1999, Richard Edwards worked for the UK government as a Land Economist, advising the more wealthy landowners on how to cut their reliance on Government subsidies. Since 2000, with the support of his wife and a few close friends, he has built Fruiting Bodies, a small company in the Brecon Beacons (Wales, UK) which manufactures mushroom-based liquid extracts. The company is currently expanding its mushroom growing facility from a one-acre site into a seventy-acre woodland, which may indicate that their message is getting through. The book that did change Richard's life was Medicinal Mushrooms, by Christopher Hobbs!

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