Richard Beaumont

A recent study concluded that cancer will come to one of three people in the UK. Its causes are largely unknown, but in general, environmental pollution from the new technologies, including medical 'developments', and many of our modern lifestyle choices, which involve extreme stress and an increasing move towards a more material society, can be seen to contribute to cancer.

The Self-Help Cancer organisation offers a real chance for cancer sufferers to benefit from the wealth of information and services available through complementary therapies, whose effectiveness lies in their ability to re-align us to a more natural way of being. From this holistic perspective cancer is seen in its true context within the patient's total lifestyle. Dramatic positive changes, and remission of the cancer is therefore made much more possible.

Education is the key, and the Self-Help Cancer organisation provides the all-important access to the information that can empower patients to make considered and wise choices that will put them on the right road towards better health and a happier, more balanced life.

As co-founder and editor-in-chief of Kindred Spirit magazine, a journal I have been publishing for almost twenty years, I have been blessed with having the privilege to see many new and effective natural approaches to health, and the many holistic lifestyle choices now available to us all. I have done my best to empower readers to take up the journey towards self-development and a life based on integrity and inner growth. In my view, that is the only way we can free ourselves from the prevalent mainstream materially based obsession, and return to a more balanced state in tune with the natural environment. One cannot expect government and vested interests to support such choices the power of choice in how to live our lives can only be taken one person at a time.

Copyright John Davidson, 2006

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