Paul Winter

“I am a cancer survivor, author, and alternative health publisher. I started writing in the alternative health field in 1989. Since that time I have maintained an ever growing, free information alternative cancer website. The most important thing I have learned is that people who learn the basics of treatment selection can make a more informed treatment choice, and have a better chance of survival than those who rely entirely on conventional medical wisdom. That is why it is always a pleasure to see new and improved websites addressing alternative and complementary approaches to cancer. Therefore, I welcome John Davidson’s addition to the voices of reasonable cancer treatments.
Paul Winter is a technical writer whose job is to research extremely complex material and make it easily understood. In 1989, after half a lifetime of interest in alternative medicine, he decided to combine his information presentation skills with his passion for alternative medicine. He started publishing alternative health booklets, and sold them through health magazines and local stores. In 1997, he obtained the National Cancer Institute (NCI) test results showing that the NCI had misrepresented their testing of Cancell, an alternative cancer treatment. In order to set the record straight regarding Cancell, he started the Cancell home page which grew into the Alternative Cancer Treatments Comparison website.

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