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Cancer preventative, inhibitory and curative treatments can function in a variety of ways. Some act in more than one manner. Sometimes the process is unknown. Not infrequently, it is uncertain. When putting together a treatment regimen, it makes sense to choose the best from each of the relevant categories. The various categories are indicated below (in brackets). No attempt has been made to indicate the degree of supporting data, which is greater in some instances than others.

AA Anti-angiogenesis agent
AI Apoptosis inducer
AL Alkalinizing agent
AO Antioxidant
BE Blocks energy supply to cancer cells
CD Carcinogen detoxifier
DR DNA repairer
EP Enhances cell proliferation
GS Gene signalling modulator
IB Inhibits binding of cancer cells to blood vessels walls
IC Inhibits clumping together of cancer cells
IG Selectively inhibits glucose metabolism in cancer cells
IP Inhibits proliferation of cancer cells, and thus tumour growth
IS Immuno-stimulant
NI Necrosis inducer
MM Multiple miscellaneous
RR Ribonuclease regulator (ribonucleases are enzymes overproduced during radiation therapy, leading to scarring & fibrosis)
ST Specialist therapy
UA Unique action
UP Unknown process

Some relevant terminology

The formation of blood vessels to a cancer, required for tumour growth above about 2mm.
The natural way in which a cell dies. Cell components are deconstructed in an orderly manner.
Cell death in which the body has to deal with the elements of the dead cell as best it can. Can be a cause of toxicity.

Treatment Options

Acupuncture (MM)
Aloe Vera (IS)
Alstonine (AI, DR, ST)
Amygdalin (NI)
Anti-angiogenesis Agents (AA)
Antineoplastons (AI, ST)
Antioxidants (AO)

Aromatherapy (MM, UP)
Diet (AO, AI, CD, IS, MM)
Dietary Fibre (AA, GS)

EcoGen (AO, IG)
Flavopereirine (AI, DR)
Folic Acid and Folate (DR)
Fuad Lechin's Method of Neuroimmunomodulation (ST)

Indole-3-Carbinol (AI)
Inositol (AO, IG)
Inositol Hexaphosphate (AO, IG)
Integrated Medicine (MM)
IP-6 (AO, IG)
Isocyanates (AO, IG)

Lechin's Method of Neuroimmunomodulation (ST)
Lycopene (AO)

Pancreatic Proteolytic Enzymes (IP)
Pao Pereira (AI, DR, ST)

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