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After search engines, networking is probably the most significant means by which information is found and shared on the internet. Here you will find more links to cancer help sites, including those with whom we have exchanged links. If you think your site would also be helpful to our visitors, and would like to exchange links, please contact us.

AlkalizeForHealth A useful resource concerning complementary and alternative cancer information and treatments, with an extensive links page.

Cancer Monthly – A subscription internet magazine providing treatment results from trials of various cancer therapies.

Cancer Help Online A comprehensive and impartial overview of online cancer resources, with links to thousands of the key cancer-related web sites worldwide. A site with no particular 'methodology' axe to grind regarding the 'conventional' vs. 'alternative' treatment debate. Their links provide a wealth of information on both methods, and leave it to the reader to decide.

Eagle Springs Integrative Medical Center Dr Shanta's cancer clinic in Duluth, Georgia, USA, where a variety of various alternative, traditional and complementary integrative therapies are used.

Get Well UK A pro-active organization directed by Boo Armstrong, winner of Prince Charles' Integrated Health Futures Award 2005, for innovations in primary care. Get Well UK makes it possible for GPs to confidently refer their patients to complementary therapists, by providing information, support and a team of highly skilled and qualified practitioners. With NHS funding, this service is free to patients. We believe that complementary medicine can play an important role in improving health and well being and want to ensure that many more people have access to effective healthcare, not just people who can afford to pay for it privately. If you need information supporting the efficacy of complementary treatments, Get Well UK's publications page is a good place to start.

Health Creation Set up, with headquarters in Bristol, UK, by ex-director of the Bristol Cancer Help Centre, Dr Rosy Daniel, to develop and provide holistic and integrated health care products and services that will enable people to become more involved in the creation of their optimum health, whether they are currently suffering from illness or seeking to prevent it. Dr Daniel has a specific interest in the treatment of cancer, and has written a number of books on the subject.

Joseph Mercola
USA Today Exposes Conflicts of Interest in FDA Drug Approvals. How 50% of the members of FDA advisory committees, who vote on which drugs should be approved, have a financial interest in the outcome, typically as share ownership, consultation fees or research grants.

Maggie's Cancer Caring Centres
A growing UK cancer charitable organization, who are in the process of setting up care centres near NHS hospitals, throughout the UK. Maggie's Centres are for anybody who has, or who has had cancer. They are also for their families, their friends and their carers. Their aim is to help people with cancer to be as healthy in mind and body as possible, and enable them to make their own contribution to their medical treatment and recovery. They allow people to address all aspects of living with cancer. They can share their experiences with others in similar situations and, with professional help, inform themselves about the medical realities of their disease. The friendly environment of the centres, close in each case to a major cancer hospital treatment centre, invites people to take time out and gives them a non-institutional place they can call their own.

New Approaches to Cancer
A UK registered charity that promotes the benefits of complementary therapies and holistic treatment for cancer patients and their carers, providing an information and referral service, directing people to their nearest sources of help through a network of support groups and practitioners.

Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma (NHL) A personal story, with links to other NHL information pages.

Survive Cancer Foundation A website dedicated to bringing peace and comfort to those who face the catastrophic consequences of cancer. It is amazing how a serious brush with mortality tends to bring perspective to those things in life that really matter. Contains interesting articles on Pre- and Post- Surgical Recovery Protocols for Natural Support and Healing and A Theory on Supplement Usage to Support Chemotherapy and Radiaton Treatments.

Wellness Directory of Minnesota A useful directory of alternative and complementary cancer treatments

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