How You Can Help

Self-Help Cancer is a privately funded website with no commercial ties. Our intention is to provide clear and unbiased information on complementary and alternative cancer treatments that are supported by positive and independent research data. If you would like to help, you can:

1. Let us know of any other such treatments that you find are missing from our pages, and of any improvements to the information we already provide. Suggestions from those with no commercial agenda are always welcome. We already know of many other treatment options that have yet to be researched and written up. If anyone would like to help by putting together sections on some of these options, please check more treatment options. Also, web pages come and go, so do please inform us if you come across any links on our site that don't work anymore.

2. If you would like to see complementary and alternative cancer treatments available within the UK's National Health Service (NHS), then please check our section on complementary help for cancer patients from the NHS.

3. If you want to help ensure your continued freedom to choose nutritional supplements, please check our section freedom of choice under threat. Our freedom of choice is currently under threat from EU legislation.

Though our work is entirely voluntary, and we charge nothing for our services, we are not a registered charity. If you would like to make a donation or to help in some other way, please contact Yes To Life, a registered cancer charity in London, run by husband and wife team, Robin and Nancy Daly, whose daughter Bryony died of cancer. Like us, they aim to provide information on and to raise public awareness of complementary and alternative cancer treatments. We are working together to make such treatments available with the NHS, and to push the issue up the political agenda. They also provide a telephone helpline service.

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