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“Chris Woollams and Lindsey Fealey totally applaud the effort John is putting into this website. There is too much overclaim and even misinformation on the subject of alternative and complementary therapies for cancer. The extremists in both camps (orthodox and alternative) are doing cancer patients a huge dis-service. We need more people like John, who can put across accurately the truth about the benefits and disadvantages of alternative and complementary therapies in an honest and objective way. It is certainly our ethos at CancerActive too.

Chris Woollams was educated at Watford Grammar School and Oxford University, where he read biochemistry. Subsequently, he followed a successful career in the advertising world, becoming the youngest ever chairman of a multi-national corporation, at the age of 31. In 1986, he started his own company, which was floated on the stock market in 1995. He retired a year later, to work as a management consultant.

In 2001, his daughter Catherine (then 22) was diagnosed with a stage IV malignant brain tumour, and given just 6 months to live. Chris then devoted his life to trying to save hers, and in so doing accidentally built a new life for himself. In 2004, together with his cousin, Lindsey Fealey, he founded the charity, CancerActive. He now speaks all over the world on cancer prevention, and has toured extensively in the UK, speaking at conferences, hospitals, cancer clinics, cancer care groups, and schools.

Lindsey Fealey also has a business background, working for a number of well-known companies before starting her own PR and Event Management company in 2002. Soon afterwards, she received a phone call from her cousin, Chris Woollams, asking her to
set up and edit Icon magazine, and to start working with him for the benefit of cancer patients. In 2004, they founded the charity CancerActive. Now, she speaks with cancer sufferers and their supporters every day. She says that her personal aim to is ensure that all children are educated in ways that prevent cancer, helping them become aware of the need to improve their lifestyle through nutrition and exercise.

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