Ann Fonfa

The idea of people with cancer gaining information and support from as many different perspectives as possible is very appealing. Learning about complementary and alternative approaches is a necessity at this time in medicine/health.

John Davidson has set up a terrific web site for people with cancer because of his own personal experiences. Coming to Self-Help Cancer will be beneficial for anyone facing this challenge.

I am actively working to do just what John does to give information to people in a format they can easily understand and as evidence-based as possible.

This site will truly help you. Make sure you look at lots of pages, seek answers, do not give up.

Some day, medical staff will integrate every resource into their message allowing people with cancer the opportunity to make the best, most informed, decision possible. We all hope that day arrives very soon.

Ann Fonfa is a breast cancer patient, who founded the Annie Appleseed Project, a cancer help organization providing information, education and advocacy from the patient perspective for people with cancer, as well as their family and friends. Their special area of expertise is complementary and alternative (CAM) natural therapies. Their website is extensive and covers a large variety of topics with many links. They support evidence-based healthcare, and see a need for more focused research on what works for people, rather than profits.

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