Alison Briginshaw

“At an early age, I began to question how simple painkillers such as paracetamol could eradicate pain. I quickly learnt that although the pain may often subside, the underlying cause can continue and eventually develop into a more serious condition. I also became aware that there can be serious side effects with prolonged use of manufactured or man-made drugs. So from there my interest in natural therapies began.

“I now practice as a holistic therapist, primarily involved with treating cancer patients. I use aromatherapy, reflexology, meditation, crystal and colour therapies, energy and chakra balancing, advice on diet and nutrition, and I support the use of herbal synergies – all of which can help the body self-heal.

“I have studied human anatomy, biology, pharmacology and microbiology which has given me a good grounding and understanding of how the body works, and how it metabolises substances and, further, how individual bodies metabolise differently. Therefore, it is vital to understand that not all treatments will work for all people, whether by conventional medicines or alternative natural therapies.

“It is important to remember that our bodies are very good at self-healing, if we fall and scrape our knee, for example, it will heal in a matter of days, our bodies know what to do! So, when dealing with a more serious condition such as cancer, it is possible for our bodies, with encouragement and help from both alternative and conventional medicine, to conquer this disease and to self-heal.

“There are many kinds of complementary therapies available. This is because most therapies will work for some people, and those people want to share their success with others going through a similar illness. However, it is impossible to say which therapies will work for which person and their condition. It is therefore vital to have trustworthy recommendations available to refer to for support and advice when selecting your choice of treatments and/or therapies.

“John's website is doing just that. It is a wealth of valuable information regarding various treatments and their successes. I believe that integrated holistic medicine is the way to move forward: we need to consider all the available treatment options, and we also need to treat the whole person, not just the disease.

“Chemotherapy may help some people, but it can also leave them very very sick. Complementary therapies can help eradicate sickness and toxins from conventional treatments, they help the body relax, realign, rejuvenate, refresh and in doing all those things the body can begin to self heal.

“Many thanks to John for putting together such a wonderful and essential collection of information.”
Alison Briginshaw practises holistic therapies, incorporating natural remedies, in the island of Jersey. She also runs Shaws Health, who import the Indian herbal compound, Carctol.

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